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Single-engine, low-wing, all metal monoplane, with a 3-wheel fixed type landing gear and tail wheel and chemicals tank in front of the cockpit.

Set of avionics devices VFR or VFR/IFR (including radio-navigation receiver VOR/LOC), UHF radio-station.

The air-plane in modified "B" version, featured with the following:

  • Possibility to drop full tank of water/extinguishing agent at a time of approximately 2 seconds, making an effect of "water bomb";
  • Drizzling of the extinguishing agent and making a strip on the area covered with fire; this is very efficient while extinguishing meadows, moors and peat bog.
  • Rare cabin for transportation of the ground service mechanic.


Basic performances and technical data:

Wing span

17,70 m


9,47 m


3,70 m

Wing area

40 m2

Empty mass

2710 kg

Fuel mass

545 kg

Max chemicals mass

1900 kg

Hopper max capacity

2200 l

Max take-off mass

5300 kg

Fuel tanks capacity

726 l

Max speed

225 km/h

Cruising speed

180 km/h

Stalling speed

109 km/h

Climbing speed

6,5 m/s

Service ceiling

4000 m

Take-off run

200 m

Flying range

1000 km



  • fire-fighting;
  • chemical fertilising;
  • chemical protection of forests and crops against pests and plant diseases;
  • re-cultivation of polluted or erosion-endangered areas.