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Light multipurpose air-plane assigned for transportation of passengers or cargo or parachute drops.

Equipped with two turboprop engines TWD-10B with reverse propellers.

The aircraft represents STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) class and is able to operate from short runways in different weather conditions as well as from rough surfaces during day and night.

The crew consists of two pilots. Complete Bendix/King navigation equipment for IFR flight.

Passenger cabin with single and double seats for 17 persons. The folding seats enable quick conversion of the passenger cabin into cargo compartment. The aircraft equipped with a hoist, load-lifting capacity of 500 kg - that makes it independent of the ground service facilities.


Basic performances and technical data:

Wing span

22,07 m


13,1 m

Wing area

39,7 m2

Empty mass

3750 kg

Max take-off mass

6500 kg

Max speed

350 km/h

Stalling speed

125 km/h

Climbing speed

11,75 m/s

Take-off run


Landing run